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Nick Verreos is a highly skilled and experienced Fashion Designer and Red Carpet Expert. With extensive knowledge of the fashion industry and all its related fields, he brings a wealth of expertise to any event or discussion.


Whether he is participating in a panel of experts or delivering a lecture in a Q&A format, Nick offers an engaging and informative discussion that is sure to captivate the audience. His deep understanding of fashion trends, design techniques, and industry best practices enables him to provide practical information that will be beneficial to every attendee.


With his unique insights and engaging personality, Nick is a valuable asset to any event or discussion related to the fashion industry.

Examples of Fashion Panels and Lectures Nick has created:

  • How To Break Into The Fashion Industry

  • The History of The Red Carpet

  • Color Theory and Trends

  • The Business of Fashion

  • California and Fashion

  • The 411on Fashion Trends

  • The Reality of Fashion Reality Shows

  • The Intersection of Sustainability & Fashion

  • How To Design A Collection & Bring It To Market

  • Fashion & Inspiration

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