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In my drawings, I’ve infused my love of beauty pageants with my expertise as a fashion designer, combining both fabulous pageant queens with equally extraordinary evening gowns.  


These drawings are meant to inspire, empower and ignite your artistic spirit. Each sketch is waiting to be transformed into magnificent Pageant Divas with your individual creativity. In addition, I have included several beauty queen croquis for you to use as your very own "paper dolls".


Just lay a blank piece of paper over the croquis and create your very own fabulous fashion beauty queen designs! Be sure to post all your finished colored drawings and tag them using #PageantColoringBook. I can’t wait to see all your drawings!

As a young boy, I had dreams of becoming a fashion designer. I loved to draw and my favorite things to sketch were women and fashion. Growing up in Venezuela, a country famous for all its “Misses", I naturally gravitated to beauty pageants and beauty queens as my tools of inspiration.  

Fashion designer Nick Verreos received worldwide attention after appearing on the hit TV show "Project Runway" and later became the winning mentor on "Project Runway: Under the Gunn". Nick started his label NIKOLAKI alongside his partner David Paul and they have dressed celebrities including Beyoncé, Katy Perry, Heidi Klum, Carrie Underwood and Academy Award-winning actress Marlee Matlin.

Now, as a successful fashion designer, I wanted to share my love of pageants, pageant queens, and evening gowns with other Pageantistas the world over. This is my homage to all the “Misses” who made a little boy’s dreams come true.


In “The Pageant Coloring Book”, I have drawn many imaginary beauty queens in fabulous gowns with elaborate details including intricate draping, bedazzled fabrications and Haute Couture-like designs. I hope you use the sketches as a conduit of inspiration, allowing you to bring out  your most extraordinary beauty queen dreams, creating your own fabulous Pageant Evening Gown Competition via my coloring book.


Be Inspired! Be Fabulous! 

The Pageant Coloring Book

The Pageant Coloring Book

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